Succession (S02E03) – “Hunting”: Recap, Episode Analysis, and Guide #SuccessionSzn

What an episode! Season two’s third was full of witty banter, demeaning corporate retreat games, and… well… Connor running for president lol. It was a perfect set up episode to throw us into the beginning of the middle of the season and I absolutely can not wait to see what is in store for the Roy family going forward. With that being said, let us dive into the third installment of Succession’s second season.

The Biography of Logan Roy

The episode starts as Greg sits down with the woman who is researching Logan Roy. According to Greg, it’s a “pre-meet” and this is the meeting where he decides if he will have time for an actual meeting. Of course, this isn’t how the real world works so Greg quickly learns that he made a mistake and we cut to one of HBO’s greatest intros of all time. From here we quickly learn that Logan is very against this biography and that he wants anything within the realm of possibility done to end it before it actually begins. He also is told that someone has already spoken to the writer, yet no one has a true inkling of who it was. So they set “Rat F***** Sam” out on the email trail to try and find the culprit behind the leak. We all obviously know morally sound Greg was the one who sat with her though, and he tells Tom in our first scene between the two once in Hungary.

Corporate Retreats, Amirite?

Speaking of Hungary, this trip would be sooooo dope to go on. Outside of having the potential to be downright humiliated with Boar on the Floor, I would have loved to rock some dope fits with the WayStar team while we figured out how to take over Pierces company. And do not even get me started on those hunting outfits. Anyways, not including all of the incredible outfits, we finally got more of the dynamic duo that is Tom and Greg. All of this wonderfulness doesn’t stop Logan from going absolutely bonkers though, and he pretty much ruins the retreat for everyone within about three minutes.

Connor’s Presidency Seems to be a Main Plot Point for Season Two

This was something I thought was going to be a punchline once or twice this season, but now it’s starting to look like it may actually play itself out across a good portion of the season. Within this episode alone, we got the magnificent line from Connor about having Uncle Sam’s hand down his pants, the line from Roman about Connor only knowing Jail from Monopoly, AND the scene about hyper-decanting. All of this presidency nonsense is bugging Logan too, and apparently, it can be bad for the family. Connor is on the opposite side of the tax wall the Roy family business is on I guess, and that is how I can see this plotline playing a role in the story later this season. Connor even offers Shiv a job at one point too! She rapidly declines that offer and also lets him know that he has some “intense” people on his team. They can wipe $10 million out of him before he even knows it’s missing if he isn’t careful. All of this leads to Connor actually posting his announcement video though, which I’m sure will have repercussions in episode four.

Tom and Shiv’s Unique Relationship

This had trouble written all over it from the start. Shiv wants Tom to speak with her father about how acquiring PGM is not the move, which Tom is completely against. He makes his first attempt when on the corporate PJ with the squad on their way to Hungary but quickly sits as this is the exact time Logan finds out about the mole. Then, Gerri and Karl try sweet-talking him into the same thing. By the end of this convo, we learn that Shiv has also reached out to Gerri and told her to tell Tom he needs to make his move. When he finally does bring it up to Logan, it almost seems as if he’s going to just get brushed over and Logan is going to take his anger out on the room. But we all know that is not what really happens, and after only a few minutes Boar on the Floor breaks out in the dining hall. This ends pretty bad for Tom and will probably scar him for life. As soon as he gets home to Shiv, she immediately brings up the topic and he says it was a rough weekend. He also tells her that he would like a little more input into their “team tactics” before they get to talking about Shiv’s fling. I think these two will be avoiding all couple of the year nods for the foreseeable future.

The Return of Frank

It was really nice seeing Frank again last night after everything he went through in season one. I forgot how close he and “Kenny” were too, which may cause some issues later on this season if Frank actually gets to stick around. Things seemed to be going good for him too. Logan invited him to the retreat, then gave him some sort of expensive watch with a thoughtful saying, and he looked to just be thoroughly enjoying his time back in Logan’s graces. Unfortunately for Frank, about five seconds into dinner is when his world gets flipped upside down and Logan barrages him with a flurry of incredibly insulting questions (as if he were the mole). Frank clearly was not a fan of this, but he took it and made it through the retreat. He even accepted his job back too, to which Gerri asks why he would ever return to Logan.

Kendall is Officially Logan’s Henchman

This may have already been fairly obvious after episode two, but if it wasn’t it is now as clear as glass. I don’t really mind it all that much either, because at least Kendall has some edginess back to his persona when he is completing tasks for Logan. He is clearly feeling the board room out for his dad early on in the episode and even starts questioning Roman’s alliances later as well. I, for one, did not put two and two together that the woman Roman asked about at the beginning of the episode was who gave away the acquisition PMG. But thanks to Kendall’s incredible smoke out tactitcs, they all find out that Roman accidentally sold them out in trying to make a back-channel deal to surprise his father. All of this work has definitely shown Logan how valuable Kendall still is though, and maybe we see Kendall atop the throne at the end of the season rather than Shiv.

The Best of Roman

In honor of what may have been one of Roman’s best episodes for witty retorts, I wanted to share my favorites. With that being said, Huge shout out to Tabitha, who may have had one of the best lines on the king of one-liners himself.

  • “I don’t wanna get into a dick-measuring competition, but I have a better, more powerful dick than you.”
  • “Frank, it hasn’t been the same without you… it’s been better.”
  • “I mean, yeah, obviously. I am the interesting one.”
  • “I believe he said eat up, piggies. I wanna see you little piggy fucks eat.”
  • “You know, if I were capable of any sudden movement, I would totally pounce on you right now.”

Well, that’s that. Episode three of season two is in the books and it may end up falling into my top three all time. It was a glorious piece of work that had me rolling on the floor while also simultaneously being extremely uncomfortable, yet I couldn’t peel my eyes from the screen. Be sure to go check out our prior articles on succession here, and leave some comments below on how you would rate this episode!

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