When a fan asks for Sunil Chhetri’s Netflix account, it becomes a frenzy of fun in Twitter

Sunil Chhetri is not only an excellent football player, but he’s also an excellent human. On Sunday, India’s football team captain was asked for his Netflix password by a fan––and it has to be one of the best occurrences in the history of the streamer’s social media.

Chhetri took it to Instagram to share a screenshot of the request from the Kolkata-based fan.

“Here’s someone who has priorities straight and it’s really making me want to consider the demand,” Chhetri said in his tweet alongside a picture of the bizarre request.

Netflix India was quick on their feet to actually see the post and even ask for something else from Chhetri as well which was pretty funny in itself.

“While we’re on the topic, could we also get your autograph on a picture?” Netflix India wrote on the tweet.

It’s a football team captain to not back down––especially from banters––so Chhetri proposed a one-of-a-kind deal with Netflix India to satisfy all parties.

“In the true spirit of a barter, how about you guys hand the kid a two-month subscription and I’ll send a signed shirt and a picture your way? Do we have a deal?” Chhetri posted.

After that, Netflix agreed and decided to give the Kolkata-based fan a subscription card for free alongside a jersey of the Indian football captain. But of course, this deal means Chhetri is also giving Netflix India one of his jerseys. LOL.

As you may notice, Chhetri is a really genuine man. He’s part of FIFA’s 28-member team to raise awareness for the campaign to combat the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign entitled ‘Pass the message to kick out coronavirus’ promotes five key steps for the public to follow in order to lessen the likeliness of getting the virus in line with the WHO guidance––wash your hands, etiquette in coughing, not touching your face, physical distancing, and staying at home if you’re feeling unwell.



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