‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: Production updates, series renewal, and more here

As proven by many subscribers and fans, I think we can all agree than Sweet Magnolias has flourished to become one of the best series on Netflix this year. With the thousands of those waiting, the streaming giant has rewarded them with a swift renewal. When is it coming, though? Here’s everything you need to know so far as to where the series is headed!

From the works of none other than Charmed and Ties that Bind‘s very own Sheryl J. Anderson, the series revolves around the relationship of three women as they all face different twists and turns of their lives––but still coming together as one. The series was announced back in 2018 and debuted for the streaming platform on the 19th of May, 2020.

At first, fans were scared for discontinuation. However, Anderson posted a GIF that clearly states that she’s working hard for the next season. All these came before the 23rd of July, 2020, when Netflix has finally announced that the series would come back for a second season.

On the renewal, Sheryl Anderson said the following:

I’m thrilled and excited to come back with a cast and a crew that I love so much. It’s such a valentine to everybody who worked so hard to make Serenity such a beautiful place. JoAnna, Brooke, and Heather and I were jumping up and down while texting each other, and we look forward to doing that over Zoom too.

With all this information, however, we still unsure of when the series will be under production for its second season filming––but we do know that it’ll happen in Covington, Georgia. To add to that, the time table isn’t really set to provide us a prediction of when the series can premier at some point in 2021.

While you’re waiting for the second season, enjoy a 3-hour-long Zoom call with the original cast lineup from the series! Enjoy the reunion, friends!

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