Mac is your typical streaming fan. He binges an excessive amount of Netflix shows and is a big fan of the police procedural genre, hence the love for Lucifer and NCIS. Aside from laying in bed and watching series after series, he also loves to write. Anything that he's allowed to write about, he will. It's like it's as if bingeing and writing had a baby, Mac would be the child.
As an avid binger, Dustin spends most of his free time watching and discovering as many new shows as possible. He also dabbles in some PlayStation gaming as well as fantasy writing when he can. His favorite genre of shows are fantasy based, such as the CW's Supernatural or Sci-Fi's The Magicians, but he also enjoys anything that really gets his brain pondering the plot!
Edgar is a 22-years old philosopher who loves everything that comes in a screen: from a 40s classic to the newest Netflix shows.
Onur is an avid reader who has a great deal of interest in Japanese literature, also a graduate of British/American literature, and a drop out of Middle-Eastern studies. He is the nerd who founded the website after failing to keep himself updated with streaming services. And lastly, he owns a pet rooster.
Staying in touch with all the celebrity news is what Tami loves to do. She spends time on Twitter to see breaking news, plus loves reading magazines and blog post to stay in the know. When she is not reading celebrity gossip, or working out, Tami likes to wind down by watching reality television with her dog.