Interactive show ‘The Boss Baby: Get That Baby’ to premiere on Netflix this September 2020

Netflix has it all figured out. No one knows exactly why the streaming giant has been so giving to the kids, especially with so much animated series and kids shows on the platform––but it works wonders for them.

This time, what’s up next is The Boss Baby: Get That Baby, the new interactive kids special due to release this September.

If you aren’t familiar yet, DreamWorks output deal with the streaming giant has seen quite the success after releasing The Boss Baby: Back in Business––a series that has well enjoyed three seasons with Netflix.

As per Animation Magazine, there’s a new interactive special that’s soon to come alongside the outputs of DreamWorks. Basically, it’s a job simulator that’s set in the fictional business of Baby Corp. Now, which kid doesn’t want to give that a try?

Throughout the interactive special, you can try a handful of roles for the corporation. By doing so, you’ll be examined if you’re worthy of the job or not.

If we’re talking voice talents, however, we’re happy to let you know that the main series’ voices are back in business with:

JP Karliak as Boss Baby, Pierce Gagnon as Tim, Kevin Michael Richardson as Jimbo, Alex Cazares as Staci, Diedrich Bater as Junior Fancy, Rhys Darby as Happy Sedengry, Wendie Malick as Wendy McCracken, Jake Green as Bootsy Calico, and Victor Raider Wexler as Frederick Estes.

However, this was expected from the streaming giant. In August 2019, Netflix revealed to Bloomberg an array of their upcoming projects––and it includes three interactive specials together with DreamWorks.

Netflix’s prowess for interactive shows remains to be underwhelming, to say the least, as the majority of the library is catered towards children in 2020.

As for The Boss Baby: Back in Business, news of its fourth season remains unknown. However, expect the interactive special to drop on the 1st of September, 2020.

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