Saturdays are for Amazon’s “The Boys”: Review, Characters & Season 2 Release


So the other day I was back home and my dad kept asking me if I had seen the trailer for The Boys, and I had no idea what he was talking about. A few hours later as I was working, he turned the show on and I couldn’t help but turn around and watch. Within about five minutes I was shocked, then deeply disturbed, and then hooked on this show. There was something about the deep discomforting darkness of the show that was drawing me in, and even though the first few episodes had some downright awful (and gruesome) things occur, I could not stop watching. This show is probably not for the faint of heart, but if you don’t mind some blood, guts, and immorality then this show will be right up your alley.

Corrupted Heroes

This whole show is based off of the comic series written by Garth Ennis, and it revolves around a group of rag-tag “CIA” agents (more so CIA in the comics and ex-CIA in Amazon’s portrayal) that are attempting to bring down corrupt superheroes. The corruption begins early on when A-Train, The Boys version of The Flash, runs right through our protagonist’s girlfriend. She then proceeds to desolidify, leaving only her hands in poor Hughie’s grasp. This, of course, is what ultimately sparks the entire storyline (also referred to as “fridging” in the comic book world). From here Hughie decides he wants to expose A-Train after he claims it was an accident, which leads to the discovery of other acts of corruption, which leads to absolute chaos. Hughie teams up with Billy Butcher and his gang of misfits as they set out to rid the world of this corruption, but we quickly found out that Billy has his eyes set on only one of the superheroes.

My Two Favorite Characters

  1. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban): Butches whole persona was spectacular, and when you see the entire arc his character has traveled it adds that much more to this role. He hasn’t always been such a dickhead whose only purpose in life was killing sup’s, and he actually has a fantastic reason to be doing what he’s doing (or so he thinks). I mean, I would probably go crazy too if I thought my wife had been forced into sexual acts and then proceeded to commit suicide because she felt so awful. With that being said, he does make some awfully questionable decisions throughout this season. I can’t wait to see what he will do to Homelander (Essentially The Boys version of Captain America), and more importantly Homelander’s child, in season two.
  2. The Deep (Chace Crawford): He was a character I didn’t think was going to have a great story after the first few episodes, but Amazon did a great job with Chace as the season progressed. It almost seemed as if The Deep became the comedic relief of the show because everytime he was on screen I was dying of laughter. The whole scene with the stolen dolphin literally had me crying from laughter. There’s just something about seeing a grown man talk to fish that cracks me up. He also had quite the arc that encompassed many ups and downs throughout the first eight episodes. Amazon also did a great job with this character too, as I have no clue where/what The Deep will end up doing in season two.

Season Two Starts in… Way Too Many Days

The good news is that we will for sure be getting a season two, but the bad news is… nobody knows exactly when that will be. The Boys was actually picked up for season two a week before it was even released to the public, which I find extremely interesting. They have also started filming already so we can maybe expect a trailer sooner rather than later. In fact, for season one they filmed from May 22nd to October 18th, and for season two it looks like filming will wrap by November 1st. If that is the case, and everything goes smoothly with the show, its safe to say we will have our second installment of The Boys no later than mid-August 2020.

On the casting front, not much is known or has changed yet. Most are anticipating the main characters to return, and some are even saying we may see deceased characters in the form of flashbacks (or maybe some other supernatural type way). We can expect at least one new character though as Aya Cash will be joining the Sup’s as Stormfront. Her character will be a Neo-Nazi based super hero who I’m assuming will be very similar to Storm from X-Men. And since Stormfront is a member of the group “Payback” in the comics, I’d bet we see some other members of that group (Mind Droid or Crimson Countess perhaps?) introduced in season two as well.

And that’s that! I hope you all enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed season one. I plan on breaking down more of this show as info is dropped, and may even delve into the comics to see what other possibilities could come to fruition for season two. Be sure to keep checking back for more articles, and if you like my stuff be sure to check out instagram!

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