‘The Boys’ showrunner talked about the release date of Season 2

Eric Kripke calmed the anxiety of The Boys fans who are eating their fingernails waiting to know when the second season of the successful Amazon Prime Video show will premiere. The showrunner of the series revealed that the last chapter of the season is about to end remotely due to the global pandemic.

The announcement was made on his twitter account, where he said “I get asked a lot, so #TheBoysTV update: finishing #Season2 remotely. Still, some VFX & sound to do, but we’re SO CLOSE! Airdate (& other cool sh*t) will be announced SOON!”

Although the details of the plot are still not very clear, Kripke said that in this second season the evolution of the Stormfront character will have particular importance.

What is very clear is that the second season of The Boys will not be delayed like many other series and movies. There is very little left to know when we will be able to start watching it on Amazon’s streaming platform.

Kripke’s tweets arrive a few weeks after learning that The Boys was renewed for a third season before the premiere of season 2. That gives us an idea of the confidence they have in this show. So it’s very likely that we’ll have The Boys on our screens for quite some time.

The release date for season 2 of The Boys is just around the corner, and we just need to finish adjusting the details of the last episode to have more information about this new season. For now, fans will have to keep checking out the episode titles (recently released) to see what we’ll be seeing in this new season of the series.

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