The Highest Paid Movie Stars of 2020



2020 was a weird year for everyone, but that didn’t stop Hollywood movie stars from thriving. Even with the movie theaters being shut down, these stars would still get their movies viewed and bring home a nice paycheck from it. Some of these names might be a little shocking to you, while others are a no brainer. 

Here are the highest-paid movie stars of 2020. 

1. Dwayne Johnson: $87.5 million

It’s not really shocking to see The Rock on this list. He has had a busy 2020 and doing so much besides just starring in movies. His film, Red Notice is highly anticipated on Netflix, and he still has a successful Under Armour line, as well as, tequila business, and more. Besides that, he is lining up to make his debut in the DC Superhero universe. 

2. Ryan Reynolds: $71.5 million

Starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice was Ryan Reynolds. He also had another successful movie on Netflix, Six Underground, that did well. Reynolds has other endeavours under his belt but is currently getting ready to film Deadpool 3 which was just announced to join Disney’s Marvel universe. 

3. Mark Wahlberg: $58 million 

Although we are used to seeing Mark Wahlberg on the big screen, did you know he is also producing? Wahlberg has made a pretty penny producing the series McMillions and Wahl Street. Besides that, he had a movie on Netflix, Spenser Confidential, that did well and helped line his pockets a little more. 

4. Ben Affleck: $55 million

He’s not Batman anymore, but he is still doing well in the movie industry. Affleck had two movies that came out this year, The Last Thing He Wanted and The Way Back that helped earn him a top spot on this list. 

5. Angelina Jolie: $35.5 million 

Angelina Jolie is starring in the upcoming film, The Eternals, which earned her a nice paycheck since the movie had a $200 million budget. Besides that, we know Jolie has appeared in many past films that help add her to this list. 

6. Gal Gadot: $31.5 million

Of course, Wonder Woman is on this list. Besides starring in both Wonder Woman films, Gal Gadot has almost appeared in Netflix’s movie Red Notice, which earned her $20 million alone. 

7. Melissa McCarthy: $25 million

This comedic actress had been pocketing a lot of great films. She has not only a movie coming out on Netflix but also one coming out on HBO. Besides that she hosts NBC’s Little Big Shots and is playing Ursula in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid

8. Meryl Streep: $24 million 

The movie legend earned herself a spot on this list from starring in two movies, including The Prom and Little Women, and joined Steven Soderbergh in the comedy, Let Them All Talk. The film was sold to HBO for $33 million, and Streep got at least $5 million from that sale alone. 

9. Emily Blunt: $22.5 million 

Emily Blunt has been all over the Hollywood screen lately and initially grossed $341 million for A Quiet Place, which only had a $17 million budget. The sequel will earn her an eight-figure paycheck, and later this year she will be starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in Disney’s The Jungle Cruise, that made her a high seven-figure salary. 

10. Nicole Kidman: $22 million 

Kidman also starred in Netflix’s The Prom, where she got an eight-figure salary upfront from the movie. She is also starring in HBO The Undoing, which gained her $1 million per episode. 


These are just a few stars that aren’t letting the downfall of 2020 stop them from entertaining people. Don’t be surprised to see some of these stars making even bigger splashes in 2021, including Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, since a lot of movies have been delayed due to COVID-19. If you are interested in watching more great movies on Netflix, check out this list right here. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is the richest celebrity in the world 2020? 

Kylie Jenner earned $590 million from June 2019 to May 2020. Most of her money comes from her cosmetic line. 

Who is the Number 1 richest actor in the world? 

Oprah Winfrey tops this list with an estimated Net Worth of $3.5 billion. 

Who is the richest Youtuber? 

You might be surprised on this one but nine-year-old Ryan Kaji topped the list for this, making $29.5 million last year.

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