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“The Lord of The Rings” is Coming to Amazon with a Crew and new Recruit!

Back to Middle-earth, everyone and that includes the wargs, trolls and especially the orcs! Amazon studios comes in peace with a new prequel series set in The Second Age, couple of thousands of years before the happenings in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Reports have leaned towards indicating that the first season of the series will come to Prime Video by 2021.

Now that the series has a director in J.A. Bayona and showrunners in JD Payne and Patrick McKay, a writing team to back and also an actress, I don’t see why this show won’t be on the road on their set date. 😉
According to Amazon’s press release back in November of 2017, the company confirms the acquisition of the rights of the legendary The Lord of The Rings complete with its intent to come up with a prequel series including a commitment to multiple seasons.

“Explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring” is the series’ reported goal. It doesn’t get any more exciting that that, LOTR fans!

According to Variety, Australian actress Markella Kavenagh has been recruited to star in the show! Amazon’s move, then, was to keep Kavenagh’s role a teeny-tiny secret for all of us. Whether she’s playing human, elf, orc, or the like, we wouldn’t know until Amazon’s next announcement or press release. Bummer, right? But good news, according to Variety, a name that resembles Tyra or Kyra could be in the works for the Australian.

The actress is pretty much under the radar for everyone. The actress seems to have a few, but reputable, roles on television shows for her country. Starring in this big a role, though? I don’t think that’ll be the case any time soon. If Nathalie Emmanuel was boosted to stardom by her role in Game of Thrones, I don’t see any reason why Kavenagh won’t fill the same shoes in the future.

If you’re working a deal worth around $200 to $250 million dollars for rights, then disappointment is a mustn’t for the series. The numbers will speak for itself in the future, but until then, the orcs will remain silent and so will the humans.

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