‘The Lovebirds’ revived by Netflix after its unfortunate April premier cancellation

Have you watched love stories the whole pandemic? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your list must be running out of movies, I see. Well, tell you what––here’s something from Netflix for you.

The Lovebirds might sound soft the first time you hear it, but it’s definitely not a mushy wushy story. In fact, I’d like to go further and say that it’s a bit unusual.

The romantic-comedy, boasting of stars such as Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, was supposed to open in theatres last April. However, because of the pandemic and all––it was canceled. Good thing Netflix was there to pick it up and step in!

“I’m just really glad that Netflix picked this up, because you know, obviously this was supposed to go to theaters, but I think it’s just the perfect timing for people, to give something for people to laugh about, to give people an escape,” said Issa Rae.

The Lovebirds revolved around the story of the couple who get too interested in a weird murder mystery.

“It’s a movie that really explores the dynamics of a couple while they are going through the worst night of their lives, so it’s funny, it’s a mystery, it’s exciting,” Kumail Nanjiani said.

It’s a quirky love story that sprinkles in a little bit of tension into every one of its audience. For example, in a scene:

Kumail Nanjiani, as Jibran, in “The Lovebirds” said: “We have to go to the police because we have nothing to hide.”

To which Issa Rae, as Leilani, replied: “Then why did you run from the scene of the crime?”

“Good question, officer,” was the only thing that came out of Jibran’s mouth. I love it.

Kumail Nanjiani: “I’ve been married 13 years. I’ve been in long-term relationships before that. It was just really exciting, really getting into sort of the nitty gritty of a long term romantic relationship and exploring things that can go wrong with them, things that can go right with them.”

“It is kind of a feel good movie at the end of the day, even though murder is involved,” said Issa Rae.

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