The Mandalorian: Rosario Dawson Talks All About Ahsoka Tano



The Mandalorian fans received an extra treat this season when a new character that has only graced the Star Wars animated screens came to life. Rosario Dawson will bring Ahsoka Tano to life in the second season of the series. It was rumored that the character was coming to life, but nothing was confirmed until Ahsoka Tano made her appearance in the chapter titled “The Jedi”. 

Let’s dive deeper into Dawson being cast as Ahsoka Tano and what it means for the Star Wars franchise. 

How did the casting happen? 

Dawson explained that her first look and thought into becoming Ahsoka Tano was when a fan tweeted to her about it. She said from there it gained a little momentum and someone from the franchise ended up forwarding it to Dave Filoni, and it got the ball rolling. 

It took a while for The Mandalorian directors to cast someone as Ahsoka Tano and that was due to the fact that they couldn’t picture anyone doing it. When Filoni brought Dawson’s name up to Jon Favreau, they both agreed that she would be the perfect fit for the character. 

Little does anyone know, Ahsoka Tano has been planned in The Mandalorian universe for a while. Dawson was cast for the role before the first season dropped. They knew she was going to be around in the second season and made sure Dawson could also accommodate the character in her schedule. 

Bringing Ahsoka To Life 

Costume designers had a challenge on their hands to bring Ahsoka to life from animated to live adaption. Dawson had to wear a giant headpiece to help replicate Ahsoka’s horns and head-tail, and it wasn’t something easy to wear. Dawson said that the headpiece was specially built for her skull and body so that during fight scenes it could securely stay in place. 

Dawson also had to wear color contacts, and unique coloring and markings on her face since Ahsoka has an orange skin tone with white marks. Dawson remarked that prior to adding contacts to her look, she felt like she was cosplaying her character, but once her contacts were in, she felt like the real deal. 

The Drama 

Some Star Wars fans were a little sceptical of Dawnson playing Ahsoka due to the controversy surrounding her. A year prior, Dawson and her family were sued over allegations of a transphobic assault. Dawson immediately called the accusations baseless but opened up more about the issues. 

Dawson told Vanity Fair that the truth is finally coming out and every single claim of discrimination was being dismissed by the person who made them. The allegations came from a family friend that Dawson had known from some time and had previously helped in the past. She was upset over the allegations but says she has great empathy for him still. Dawson continued to say the cases were dropped because they never happened. 

She added that she was raised in a very inclusive and loving way, and that is how she has been her entire life. 


Fans were able to see Ahsoka come to life with the help of Dawson and it’s not the last you will see of her either. Disney recently announced a new series for Disney+ that will surround Ahsoka Tano’s character completely and of course star Dawson. If you haven’t seen Ahsoka yet in The Mandalorian, check out episode 5 “The Jedi”.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we first see Ahsoka? 

Ahsoka first appears in the Clone Wars animated film when she goes to Obi-Wan and Anakin with a message from Yoda. 

Does Ahsoka Die? 

In the animated shows she does but we don’t know where The Mandorlian will go with her character. 

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