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‘The New Pope’: Watch the trailer of ‘The Young Pope’s second part

John Paul III, aka John Malkovich, is the pope on Season 2 of Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘The Young Pope’ which will be called ‘The New Pope.’

The last season we saw was ultra-orthodox Pope Pius XIII, played by Jude Law, collapsing after giving a heartfelt homily at Basilica San Marco, which led him into a coma. Now, we have a somewhat long teaser.

With Pope Pius comatose indefinitely, the college of cardinals has to select a new pope, which is Cardinal John Brannox, portrayed by no one else than John Malkovich, who takes the name of John Paul III. He’s basically the counterpart of Law’s Pius XIII, as he is way flashier than Pius, and says that his public persona is “not vanity… it’s necessity (…) Everyone in the world should know who the pope is.”

But his conduct worries Vatican officials as much, if not more, than Pius’. The Pope himself, confessing his sins, says he is “irresponsible,” “pompous” and “conceited.”

And complicating things even more, we see Pius waking up in the trailer from his coma, which may lead to a huge power struggle between the two popes.

Silvio Orlando, Javier Camara and Cecile de France return for their past roles as members of the Roman Curia, while Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson have been confirmed for recurring roles.

The show will return to HBO in January 2020. The official full trailer is yet to be released, but we’ll probably have it a month or so before the official release date.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

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  1. The suspense is growing but in January (2020) all shall be revealed, one episode at a time.

    There are apparently many new characters led of course by John Malkovich with Tomas Arana, Ulrich Tomsen, J.David Hinze, Yuliya Snigir, and Massimo Ghini who were on the red carpet in Venice in September.

    Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson, as mentioned, will make guest appearances.

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