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‘The Occupant’: Netflix’s new stalker thriller that is set to be just as gripping as ‘You’

While we are all waiting for You season 3, Netflix wants to fill the void in our hearts with a new creepy stalker thriller titled The Occupant.

The movie focuses on the life of once successful advertising executive who is forced sell his apartment due to financial issues he is facing. However, Javier notices that he still has the keys to the apartment he used to live in, and then he starts to stalk new residents living in the apartment.

Obsessed with ‘his’ apartment, Javier’s motives will become even more harrowing, he won’t hesitate to do whatever he can to take his life back. As chilling as it sounds, this one hour and 43 minute long movie, which is in Spanish, will have you on the edge of your seats.

Directed by David and Alex Pastor, The Occupant will be available on Netflix on Wednesday 25th March.

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