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The Premier League is about to adapt Netflix technique in streaming

Netflix is on another level of inspiration. From shows to adaptations and now, from their selling standpoints.

The Premier League will be adapting the technique of how Netflix sells their streams. The league’s new chief executive, Richard Masters, said that they have considered launching their own digital service, much like that of the streaming giant’s. This will enable fans to enjoy live streaming games and other content directly from the eventual streaming platform.

“Premflix,” as they’d like to call it, will be the main agenda of the plan. It’s a channel that will enable the Premier League to charge directly on it as compared to selling their rights to TV companies. For this, the 2022 to 2025 seasons are expected to be available from the service.

“During the last process we spent quite a lot of time and invested a lot of recourse in building out our expertise and capacity in ‘direct consumer’. We considered whether it would be the right time to test a few markets and decided not to. But we are going to continue for the planning phase in the next commercial term to build out those capabilities,” said Masters.

“We were ready last time and we will be ready next time should the opportunity arise,” Masters added.

England will be the country of choice. However, it is currently greatly dominated by Sky Sports and BT Sport who have around six million and two millions subscribers respectively so the “Premflix” is going to be hard to execute.

“I’m not saying it will happen in the next cycle or when it will happen but eventually the Premier League will move to a mix of direct consumer and media rights sales,” he said.

“It is impossible to say when that will be,” Masters added.

Chances are slim, but it’s worth noting that this Netflix style is being adapted by leagues such as the Premier League.

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