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The Punisher season 3 rumors: The series may continue at Hulu

Since Marvel ended its Netflix adventures canceling all of its shows there (Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and The Punisher) there’s been plenty of rumors about the destiny of them. Kevin Feige seemed excited about the possibility of having some members of The Defenders (all of the Netflix Marvel shows but The Punisher) at the MCU. There’s been some speculation about a potential revival fo Daredevil at Disney+, and rumor has it that both Iron Fist and Luke Cage will reboot in one of the Disney-owned streaming platforms (Hulu or Disney+).

Now, the latest rumor regarding those characters is that The Punisher may reboot at Hulu. Considering the necessarily R-rated nature of Frank Castle, it would hardly fit with the MCU’s PG-13 style.

However, Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox led to rumors of Marvel venturing into R-rated films with Deadpool. Similarly, according to We Got This Covered, it may follow the same way with The Punisher with a continuation of the Netflix show via Hulu.

Marvel Studios also want The Punisher in the MCU films, but that seems a little odd. The essence of the character hardly fits into a PG-13 film. However, the rumored Hulu revival would fit nicely to continue exploring one of its most famous anti-heroes without sacrificing its tone.

The news is not yet confirmed so it’s not known which cast members would return besides Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher. The project is still in discussion phases but it seems that Marvel Studios is quite interested in going forward with it. We Got This Covered says the source that broke the news to them was the same that told them about She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and the Obi-Wan TV show before they all were announced, so it seems as a trustworthy source.


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  1. nah billy russo arc is finally over on a high, no need to ruin it with a watered down russo 3. BUT we need a new punisher story in season 3 for sure…please bring back the punisher Hulu, keep the writers the same, I haven’t watched a show with such great writing and stories in a long time. No idea why netflix cancelled it. It’s better than the other mcu netflix shows by a 1000000%

  2. The punisher show is the only reason i keep netflix its one of the best shows netflix ever made along with daredevil. Please bring both shows to hulu and put netflix out of business.

  3. If they were to re do Billy Russo/Jigsaw, please don’t make him as underused as he was in Season 2. Thanks. – The world

  4. Please make a PUNISHER… The series was very disappointing. I want to see horrific criminals… The murderers, rapists, molesters, the sadists, the corrupt… PUMELED, TORTURED, SCREAMING in agony as THE PUNISHER brings cosmic justice. No side kicks, no espionage. Relentless, heartless, brutal PUNISHMENT. When the punisher appeared on Daredevil I was certain they’d get the punisher series right. My God they blew it. I’d like to show up in the writers room in full punisher gear and show them how disappointed I was.

  5. The Billy Russo character was to the Punisher second season the Karen Page of the Daredevil show – one extremely unlikable, whiny bitch. For a supposed tough-guy character, he spent a hell of a lot of his time up in his feelings about his old chum, the cro magnon Punisher. The comic books may have allowed its villains a modicum of naval gazing, but this TV show iteration has old Jigsaw so deep down in his own umbilical crater, it’s a wonder he doesn’t suffocate on his own belly fluff: as complete a failure as you can get in reinventing a villain – think The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane but without any of the physical presence, old school panto stylings or even old school manliness. And as for dear old Shane, I mean Frank, well, bless him, he looks the part, yes indeedy, but he does come across in this second outing rather too dim to be anything more than a bone breaking pit-bull and no competition at all for the more big-picture foes such as Kingpin. No tears then for the loss of this disappointing run. It doesn’t deserve any of the ridicule of the truly woeful Iron Fist, but it had its chance – death to it. No mercy.

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