Where was The Stranger filmed? Here are the filming locations in Manchester

There were many surprising things The Stranger brought to the table. I mean, the plot itself has some pretty interesting surprises, if you know what I mean. That’s what made me stay, and I’m sure it was the case for you too. Unsurprisingly, The Stranger has been racking up binge-watchers from all over the world and has taken up one of the few spots on the must-watch list for the streaming giant.

Together with director Daniel O’Hara, a talented cast comprises of Richard Armitage and Jennifer Saunders. The biggest star of the show, though, is really just Manchester.

Here are a few places you might’ve recognized! Ah, Manchester, you truly are majestic.

The Price House

Owned by both Corrine (Dervla Kirwan) and Adam (Richard Armitage), who are a teacher and a lawyer respectively.

Now THAT’S a dream house. Adam might be solving problems of his own and is kind of avoiding work but when he gets into that office chair of his, who knows what he could buy other than a fully-furnished house with a clean, top-of-the-line garden.

All we have to know is that: according to I love Manchester, it went on sale for £1.45 million back in 2013.

The Café

Heidi Doyle, played by Jennifer Saunders, runs Brown Sugar Cafe in the series and I must say, it is very Instagrammable. With a very minimalistic style complemented by a cake display to die for, whoever found out about this café might need a raise.

The real café, though, is located on Cateaton Street and is named Cafeé At The Cathedral.

People might be familiar with this as scenes of a mysterious silhouette can be seen spying on Heidi.

The mother/daughter catch up

In the second episode, Heidi meets with her daughter Kimberley, played by Callie Cooke, and expresses her thoughts on the websites she goes to.

This is located on the archways close to Central Library in St. Peter’s Square, the bullseye of Manchester.

The viaduct

This is literally where it got nerve-wracking. As the story progresses, one of the main characters goes missing and friends and families all help out to find where he is or at least what happened. As they find evidence in a phone lead, it takes them across the whole country––more specifically, a viaduct.

These scenes were shot at the 19th century 65ft high Martholme Viaduct, which is located between Great Harwood and Read, and northeast of Blackburn.

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