The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez: Netflix’s new true-crime docuseries about a boy’s brutal murder

Documentaries have somehow been Netflix’s go-to the past couple of months. With the likes of Aaron Hernandez’ story amongst all others, the streaming platform has recognized the sheer uniqueness of the genre. Disclaimer though, this is not an article for the weak-hearted––especially those who have experienced the same trauma of Gabriel Fernandez.

A new true-crime documentary has come to Netflix called The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez. The documentary series focuses on the life and eventual death of Gabriel, an eight-year-old who was abused and killed by his own mother and her boyfriend.

Not only his mother and her boyfriend were blamed for the death of Gabriel as child protection social worker also faced charges of child abuse for failing in protecting the kid that eventually fell to his death.

Gabriel Fernandez died almost 7 years ago, the year 2013. The news made headlines upon headlines, making a relevant story on how these parents actually exist in this cruel world.

As the story tells, Gabriel Fernandez was found injured with bruises in him home back in May 2013. After two days, he finally received the peace he deserved. Found naked, skull cracked, ribs shattered with several burns and BB pellets in his body, the kid had no place else to go. This was his home. This was his mother. Being beaten, forced to eat cat feces and litter and during the dark hours of the night, was tied up and was made to sleep inside a cabinet.

Why, you may ask. The Los Angeles Times reported Gabriel was abused just because he couldn’t clean up after his mess and more specifically, his toys. To go along with that, his mother believed that her son was gay.

As the trial came and passed, every time they stepped foot on the courtroom, those of whom were watching were told that the case going to be present was “going to be emotional.” Those of whom believed this were free to come out of the courtroom at any time.

Netflix has the synopsis for the upcoming true-crime documentary series, to which it read: “A boy’s brutal murder and the public trials of his guardians and social workers prompt questions about the system’s protection of vulnerable children.”

The six-part true-crime documentary series is going to be released on Netflix next week.

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