HBO unveils the trailer of the ‘The Weight of Gold,’ its new documentary with Michael Phelps

HBO’s social networks have featured the trailer for ‘The Weight of Gold,’ a documentary about the risks and challenges facing Olympic athletes in terms of mental health.

Watch the trailer here:


We can see Michael Phelps (a legend in the world of swimming) in the clip talking openly about his problems of anxiety and depression. The athlete made public statements about these issues in 2016 when he prepared for the Summer Olympics. Phelps now, in collaboration with HBO, expands on his story and that of other athletes whose lives are disrupted by the immense pressure, demanding training, and lack of interpersonal connections that the life of an elite athlete demands.

“None of us had a normal childhood,” says the swimmer, who claims that at least 80 percent of athletes suffer from some degree of depression because of the Olympics.

Not only will Michael Phelps give his testimony in this documentary. We will also have the participation of other elite athletes such as Apollo Ohno, Shaun White, Lolo Jones, Steve Holcomb, Bode Miller, Katie Uhlaender, and Sasha Cohen.

Phelps has mentioned that he hopes that this documentary will give visibility to the unheard voices within the world of sport. “For me, the opportunity to break the stigma surrounding athletes’ mental health is far more important than any Olympic medal.”

The documentary series will premiere Wednesday, July 29, on HBO and HBO Max.

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