The Witcher – Episode #5 Explained: The Sword of Destiny

Episode 5 – Bottled Appetites: Heedless of warnings, Yennefer looks for a cure to restore what she’s lost. Geralt inadvertently puts Jaskier in peril. The search for Ciri Intensifies.

The Art of Deception

We open to a strange man placing a rather large chunk of what appears to be someone else’s skin into a jar filled with some sort of liquid. He continues pacing around a workshop of sorts before stopping in front of a mirror to admire his body. Seconds later, the villainous Nilfgaardian leader, Cahir, appears behind the man and mentions that he knows what this new stranger truly is. Cahir mentions that he knows the man is a Doppler, yet he also knows that he isn’t the kind that only uses his powers to stay in hiding as most Dopplers do. As we pan out of the room we see more body parts, and we also learn that this Doppler is clearly a collector of bodies that he can use whenever he pleases. Cahir has a job for him either way however and the strange man accepts.

We jump over to the battle-scarred Cintra courtyard where Fringilla, Cahir, and some of their cronies are. They open the back of a prison carriage that is holding Mousesack and he immediately begins vomiting. Apparently, Fringilla has made this cell out of dimeritium, which is extremely harmful to mages. Mousesack is clearly not himself due to this toxic metal and he quickly realizes that the Nilfgaardians want to Doppler his body to retrieve Ciri from the Brokilon forest. The Doppler then has Mousesack “run” but doesn’t let him get too far away before tackling him to the ground. We then see one of the creepiest transformation scenes of all time as the Doppler learns every single thing about Mousesack. The Doppler Mousesack then slides a dagger right through the real Mousesack’s chest and we watch as their plan unfolds further.

Yennefer appears to not be doing as good as she once was as we learn that she is undergoing some sort of treatment and that she is no longer a member of the brotherhood of mages. The mage administering her “treatments” tells her that Yen is short on coin. He recommends that she venture to the nearest town and using her magic to muster up whatever she can. After all, she should only need a handful more treatments until she is “fixed.” She does just this and finds herself working spells to cure people with very basic needs (cough cough, erectile dysfunction). Yennefer the boner magician is quickly apprehended by the mayor of the town and claims that she needs to be paying him a tax of sorts on each spell she casts. It almost appears as if she wanted to be caught here, and she gets her wish. A smirk spreads across her face as the mayor’s henchman places handcuffs around Yen’s wrists (as if she couldn’t get out of those lol).

A Pie With No Filling

Ciri sits idly by as the dryads discuss her and her permission to stay within their hidden city. Most of these amazonian dryads don’t trust her and want her gone, but the main dryad woman points out that maybe it is they Ciri does not trust and if given a chance she will open herself up. A dryad scout comes walking through the entrance behind this group of women and places two severed heads on a rock beside them. The Nilfgaardians have been scouting the area surrounding them and are getting close to finding Princess Cirilla. The Dryad Queen then announces that Ciri will be allowed to stay within their section of the forest before pulling the young princess aside. They talk briefly before Ciri is told that the sword of destiny (oh here we go again) has two edges and that she must always remember that.

We now find Geralt pacing around a small pond throwing a cast net into the water as if searching for dinner. Then out of the woods comes Jaskier, strolling and singing as he always does. “Ahh, Geralt, what has it been, months… years? Oh, what is time anyway?” This quote leads us to another possible time-lapse scenario if you believe Jaskier isn’t solely being a goof as he always is. After some brooding small talk from our Witcher, we find out that Geralt is not hungry and is actually searching for a Djinn. Apparently someone is having trouble sleeping and thinks a few wishes from a magical genie can help solve his issue. Jaskier asks if Geralt searching for a Djinn (or his lack of sleep) has anything to do with The Law of Surprise child he promised to himself in the last episode, which aggravates the Witcher. Geralt’s luck changes fast though as his most recent cast reels in the Djinn lamp he has been searching for. The two men begin fighting over the Djinn lamp but the bard ends up pulling the cap off. He then assumes he has control over the Djinn and begins making absolutely absurd wishes, but nothing appears to be happening. Geralt and his friend bicker some more and Geralt eventually yells that all he wants is some peace. Jaskier begins choking on thin air (which kind of gave it away that Geralt was actually the master of the Djinn) and Geralt panics. The two take off on horseback to find an elven healer nearby but he is of no use. He cannot fix the damage done to the bard’s throat as it is magical in nature, therefore a mage will be required. This healer mentions that he does know of a mage nearby, yet she is malicious, cunning, and currently imprisoned in the mayor’s house of the neighboring town.

Speaking of Yennefer, we find her applying some red lipstick in her “prison cell” as her old friend Tissaia ports into the room. Apparently she has not seen Yen in years, and more specifically since Yen maneuvered har way onto King Aedirn’s court at the end of episode three. Tissaia also mentions that she knows Yen has been keeping herself in the dark for quite some time (I would assume since the assassination of the baby) yet now she is making a lot of magical noise. Yennefer is then told that she is currently pure chaos and that if she isn’t careful she will become unimportant just like all the other mages that she is in cahoots with. Tissaia doesn’t understand why Yen wants to have a child so badly and acknowledges that they all give up that choice during their transformation. Yen admits that she didn’t know what that meant all those years ago before the two start taking shots at one another. Tissaia wants Yennefer to return to Aretuza (the brotherhood of mages school) and redeem herself by leading the new generation, but Yen wants no part of returning to her old school. Yen sends Tissaia packing as she struts out of the room to tackle whatever her mischevious plan is with the mayor and his house.


Geralt and a pitifully wheezing Jaskier arrive on horseback at the Mayor’s mansion. The man outside is knocked out with a bag of coins and the bard and the Witcher head inside to find the mage. As the two make their way into the house, a nude mayor comes stumbling out of a door looking completely hexed. He mentions how he is need of apple juice for “her” and goofily paces back out of the room. Geralt and the bard walk into the room directly next to them and our blown away by the orgy that is raging within. It looks as if every member of the town is involved! Geralt notes where Yen is sitting and begins making his way over to her. He sets Jaskier down beside a woman who is by herself and I’m not sure if the bard was happy, worried, or genuinely intrigued by what was about to happen to him. The Witcher walks over to Yennefer (also their first meeting ever FYI) who immediately attempts to use her magic to influence his mind. She notices that Geralt is immune before pointing out how slow his heartbeat is, which makes him a mutant. Yen is seemingly trying to seduce Geralt here but nothing is on his mind other than saving the bard. He even tells Yennefer that he will do whatever it takes, even indulge her curiosities for an entire night, to save his friend. Yen stands and shouts “Ragamuffin” which kills the orgy. All of the townspeople realize what’s going on and begin scrambling for their clothes as they exit the mayor’s house.

We jump forward to after Yennefer has completed her spell on Jaskier and she explains to Geralt that his friend is now in a deep, healing sleep. She then mentions that Geralt has plenty of time to bathe (another bath scene again already!?) and that he desperately needs to. Yen can not only smell roach on Geralt but can also determine what breed of horse and how old he is from the stench on his clothes. The two end up climbing into the tub together and we watch the Geralt romance begin. The two chit-chat for a bit before Geralt leaves the tub rather annoyed. The both of them make their way into the room the bard is healing in and Geralt starts to piece together what Yennefer is attempting to do. As he’s explaining what she is about to do and the dangers tied to it he finally falls under Yen’s trance. She applied some perfume instilled with lilac and gooseberries, which reminds Geralt of something he cannot quite put his finger on (his childhood if I’m not mistaken) and at the same time also falls asleep. Clearly someone isn’t as immune to magic as we thought.

The Unheard Wish Heard Round the World

Geralt comes to within a prison cell with none other than the elven healer from earlier on. He explains to Geralt that he went on some sort of rampage the night before where he, and I quote, “attacked the pawnbroker in his shop where you kicked him in delicate places. Then you dragged the apothecary out into the street, pulled down his pants, and thrashed his arse with a belt.” Quite the night for our Witcher now leads to the mayor and his townfolk wanting him dead. Geralt sighs in relief as he mentions that maybe now he will finally get some sleep, but just as he does the same man he knocked out earlier on makes his way down into the jail cells.

Jaskier now comes to back up in the mayor’s house and notices Yennefer painting an amphora (essentially an old water jug) across her abdomen. She notices the bard is awake and creepily begins making her way over towards him. Jaskier is, of course, wondering if they did or didn’t have sex the night prior at first, but soon begins attempting to escape. He yells out that he has to go because he left his cat on the stove (LOLOL) but Yen forces him up against a wardrobe within the room. She barks at him to make his final wish, which he does, but obviously nothing happens.

We cut back to Geralt getting the absolute piss beaten out of him by the mayor’s henchman. The man is making awful witcher jokes as he pummels Geralt’s face and right as he’s about to kill the Witcher he asks if he has any last words. This was a mistake because Geralt wishes that the son of a whores head would burst and guess what, it does. Geralt is in fact the master of the Djinn, but he now realizes the true amount of danger Yennefer is in up in the Mayor’s mansion.

Yen is now full-on summoning the Djinn with incantations and what not while attempting to lock the magical creature within her body amphora. It’s not going so well but as the stubborn mage she is she keeps on fighting. Geralt makes his way up to the top floor of the mayor’s house to find Yennefer’s body contorting in pain. He yells at her to stop but she once again does not listen. She’s exclaiming that she wants everything and all the power when the Djinn takes control of her body and tells Geralt to make his final wish. The Djinn even offers Geralt the option to no longer be a Witcher, but Geralt knows that cannot be his final wish. We hear the words “I wish” escape Geralt’s mouth before everything fades into the background noise and we watch the top floor of the mayor’s house collapse upon itself.

The Painful Burden of Power

We finish the episode with Princess Cirilla yet again as she sits within the Brokilon forest. As they’re all sitting around chatting, Doppler Mousesack appears and the dryads walk him up through the secret passageway into their village. Ciri sees him and is flooded with happiness. She rattles off four of five questions with the most important of all being where Mousesack went during the battle for Cintra. The Doppler somewhat ignores the question and explains that he has found Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher that Princess Cirilla has been promised to. Dara and the dryads explain to Ciri that she has agreed to stay within Brokilon, but she reminds them that Mousesack is the only piece of her Cintran family that is still alive. She also brings the sword of destiny back into play here to which the Dryad General responds, “Your destiny is in your own hands and no one else’s.” And with that, Ciri, Dara, and Doppler Mousesack exit the Dryad encampment and make their way back to the outside world before the screen cuts to the credits.

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