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Tom Hiddleston to star in Netflix political thriller, White Stork

Tom Hiddleston might just be my most favorite British villain and that’s coming from an Alan Rickman fan. Hiddleston will be starring in Netflix’s new political thriller, White Stork, and will be produced by production company, Eleven, who have been the brilliant minds behind Sex Education. In the series, Hiddleston will play a politician named James Cooper. More details about the story later. Just teasing you guys a little bit.

Ever since playing the Loki in Avengers Endgame, Hiddleston has been quiet for the past few months. Couldn’t blame him, though, as he’s paid as handsome as he is. But then again, a movie dedicated to Loki is soon to come. To add to that list is also White Stork, as it seems like there’s still no release date for the series but will be coming in the next year also.

Deep State and Jericho‘s very own Chris Dunlop has been the main multitasker here––being a creator, writer and an executive producer all at the same time. Taboo‘s very own Kristoffer Nyholm will be directing the series. A lot of history comes in the making of this series, as the series was originally under development with AMC with the title of Spadehead. To add to that, this will be Hiddleston’s first project done since being in Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as 2017’s Kong: Skull Island.

In the series White Stork, James Cooper is selected to have a seat in the parliament but was vetted by Asher Millan just to check if he was ready for primetime. Millan quickly discovers dangerous secrets that can destroy Cooper’s campaign. These secrets won’t just lose him the campaign, but also his career and beautiful marriage.

This will be a fun way to see Hiddleston back on the screen. Watch out for this, ladies and gentlemen!

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