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Top-Rated Movies on Netflix Right Now Decided By Viewers



Netflix is filled with a variety of outstanding movies that you can watch, and choosing the perfect one to sit down and enjoy could be a little daunting. This could mean spending hours browsing the various categories of films that Netflix has to offer, and by the time you find something you like, it might be too late to watch it. 

Fortunately, Netflix now has a “trending” tab that informs viewers what is popular for a single day on Netflix. This section is continually changing, depending on what people are watching on the platform, but it can make it easier for you to choose what to watch. Here are the top-rate movies on Netflix right now, decided by the viewer. 

To All the Boys: Always and Forever 


Part 3 of the popular movie trilogy, To All the Boys, recently dropped on Netflix and viewers love it. The story follows Lara Jean through her senior year of high school and returning from a family trip to Korea. Lara Jean must decide her college plans and what she wants to do with her life after high school. The problem is, Lara is trying to get into the same college as her long-time boyfriend Peter, and if she doesn’t get in, she isn’t sure what she will do and if her life can continue without him. 

The movie trilogy is sweet and perfect for an entire family movie night. It follows the wildly popular book series and has a little comedy mixed into it as well. 

War Dogs 

A massage therapist meets up with his old childhood pal. The duo decides to become business partners in the shady business of global arms dealing. The pair know they can make a fortune from what they are doing but aren’t quite ready for the consequences of their actions either. The movie is filled with drama and tension, but it also stars Jonah Hill, so you know there is comedy mixed into it as well. 

Red Dot 

This psychological thriller follows a couple that is trying to get the spark back into their marriage. They are preparing to welcome a child and decide to go on a skier trip to get some time away. While there, they find out they are being stalked by a remorseless killer and need to figure out what to do to survive. This movie is dark and offers a lot of suspense if you’re into that kind of thing. 

The Dig 

This movie takes place in the 1930s and follows an archaeologist investigating strange mounds of a property in England. They find out they are digging on a burial ground and uncover a ship from the Dark Ages. The movie is excellent for history buffs and offers a lot of information about England’s past. 

The Midnight Sky 


The Midnight Sky features George Clooney, who plays an alone scientist in the Arctic attempting to contact a crew of astronauts trying to reach Earth. Little do they know that Earth has gone through a global catastrophe, and there is nothing left for them to return to. Felicity Jones also stars alongside Clooney in this movie, and there is music by award winner Alexandre Desplat. 

The Vanished 

If you love a good thriller mystery movie, this one’s for you. A family goes on vacation but soon discovers their young daughter is missing with nothing left to trace. The police suspect the parents, who will stop at nothing to try and find their daughter. When the investigation gets deeper, some shocking truths come out about what happened to the missing girl. 

If you love a good mystery movie similar to Girl on A Train, this is for you. There are a lot of twists and turns that will leave you guessing what happened until the very end. 

Malcolm & Marie 

Zendaya and John David Washington star in this movie that follows a couple that is trying to navigate their relationship through their careers. Malcolm is a filmmaker that is on the brink of Hollywood fame, and his girlfriend is the one who helped make his career. The pair finds it harder to manage their relationship as Malcolm is thrust more and more into Hollywood. 

I’m Thinking of Ending Things 

This psychological thriller follows a young couple that takes a vacation to a family’s secluded farm. The entire time the girlfriend is thinking about ending the relationship with her boyfriend. When the couple gets to the farm, they can tell something is off but can’t put their finger on it. Throughout the movie’s entirety, the couple tries to recall things but can’t remember and are being warned by the locals to leave. This movie is scary but not in the traditional sense of the word and leaves you questioning everything you see. 


Netflix is continuously updating their movies and trending sections, so you will never be bored when it comes to a great film to watch. These are currently the top eight movies to watch, but tomorrow it could change. Whatever it may be, we suggest you sit down with a good bowl of popcorn and enjoy a few of these movies before they leave Netflix. If you need more suggestions on what to watch, here are the sexiest movies you can watch on Netflix, after watching Bridgerton of course.

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