‘Trigonometry’ debuts today on HBO Max

‘Trigonometry’ was one of the first handful of HBO Max originals to be announced and it will debut today on the streaming platform. The British series revolves around an exciting and unexpected love triangle.

HBO Max increases the speed at which it premieres new shows on its platform.

In the series, we follow the life of a couple, Kieran (Gary Carr) and Gemma (Thalissa Teixeira) who are both in love with each other. Still, their busy lives get in the way of spending more time together: he is a paramedic, and she owns a coffee shop. To help pay the bills, they decide to have a roommate without knowing that this decision will change their lives forever. When Ray (Ariane Labed), their new roommate, moves in with them, the trio realizes that all three are attracted to each other.

Five of the eight episodes of ‘Trigonometry’ are directed by Athiná-Rachél Tsangári, who has film experience. Tsangári was delighted with the script and accepted the offer to participate in the direction of the series. She publicly stated that the series’ characters are very complex and deal with their new emotional situation in ways that surprise the audience and keep them engaged with the series.

‘Trigonometry’ Season 2 has already been confirmed by the streamer but the show has received mixed reviews so far.

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