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Typewriter: New Kids in Town and They are not from Stranger Things

Everything’s scary these days. Global warming, ghosts, the President, and believe me, there’s a lot more. Netflix’s Typewriter is an Indian horror mystery and quite the trend on social media for its mysterious and terrifying haunted house tale.

But hey, here’s what you need to know, buddy..

Now, everyone’s heard of haunted houses, but I assure you you’ve never been told this one before. In a coastal region of India named Goa sets a haunted house that’s filled with their fair share of ghosts and ghouls. Just like the curious minds they are, three curious minds wanted to explore the truth, see if the tales were true. Sam, Bunty and Gablu are three children who are brave enough to actually face on the stories and furthermore, try to catch the ghost that is reportedly chilling inside the house called the Bardez Villa. Before they set out for the mission, though, a new family ruins the fun and moves into the haunted house.

If you fancy a two-story plot, then this series is for you. As stated above, one story follows the kids and the other story follows the family who are just as unaware as the next guy that just moved into the Bardez Villa.

People on social media have compared it to the hit series Stranger Things because of the whole kid-to-monster ratio, but I’d say that these are very different artworks of their own. One follows a fictional road while the other more relatable. Typewriter will probably leave you with approximately 2 hours of sleep or maybe even too scared to even blink your eyes. Errr, maybe that’s a stretch.

Anywho, who am I kidding? If you want to watch it for yourself then be my guest! I’d suggest you watch the trailer before diving in into that deep hole, though. 😉

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