Umbrella Academy Season One Review: Plot, Cast, Characters & Season 2

This dark superhero fiction comedy is a must add to your late summer 2019 binge list. It is based off of the Comic book series by Gerard Way, who also used to be the main vocalist for My Chemical Romance. The star-studded cast does an excellent job portraying each and every character, and I found myself roped into the plot very early on. With a second season ordered by Netflix already, I decided to pick apart this show and breakdown the premise of the show itself.

Explanation of Plot

The beginning of this show was quite confusing. We start off in 1989 on the day that the 43 women who were not pregnant at the start of the day all give birth. I think the main thing that confused me at first was that we were in Russia, but then we have this girl jump into a pool and she doesn’t swim back up to the surface. Then it looks like a mass amount of blood is leaking up to the surface before we see the girls reemerge screaming in pain. And this is when we learn about the 43 pregnancies.

From here everything gets a little more straight forward. Ultimately, the plot of the show is to stop the impending apocalypse that nobody knows a single thing about. I was slightly concerned at first because I didn’t think this would be something they could keep interesting for ten episodes, but I was so wrong. All of the little details within the season really draw you in and there are so many little sub plots that try to really get you wondering what is going to happen. And right when you think you guessed something right the show flips that idea over and completely changes it again.

Star Studded Cast

This show is a powerhouse of acting in my opinion. One of the first things I noticed was that Mary J. Blige was in the show which I thought was very cool. Then of course we have other big names like Ellen Page, Kay Walsh, and Tom Hopper, all of whom have been in their fair share of big projects over the last 5 or 6 years. The rest of the cast is incredible as well, and I really loved Robert Sheehan’s portrayal of Klaus as well. I think the casting for this show was spot on and each of these actors/actresses killed their parts.

Characters and Their Powers

  1. Number 1 (Luther): Luther is basically an incredibly strong man with the ability to withstand a lot of damage. His size came from the serum his father gave him after he nearly died on a mission, but I don’t believe it enhanced or changed his powers in any way.
  2. Number 2 (Diego): Diego is an expert knifes man from what I can gather. He has the ability to throw with unbelievable accuracy as well as curve the knives in the air. I wasn’t sure if the curving was a mental ability he had or if he just had insane reflexes that allowed him to curve them, but he reminded me a lot of bullseye from Daredevil.
  3. Number 3 (Allison): Allison has the “I heard a rumor” power, which is essentially mind control. Whenever she says those four little words, she can convince anyone (or at least anyone so far…) to do what she says. I will be interested to see what happens with her character in season two now that her vocal cords have been injured and she cannot speak. However, it seems as if they will give her ability to speak back because if they don’t she will be almost completely useless to the team.
  4. Number 4 (Klaus): As my favorite character of the show, Klaus didn’t really show much potential on a powers standpoint until the finale. All season they were hinting that he could do more than just converse with the dead, so it was pretty exciting when he finally broke through and was able to vicariously use Ben’s powers. I think he will still be learning in season two and will reveal some new tricks as the squad tries to save their sister in the past.
  5. Number 5: Aiden Gallagher’s character was actually never given a real name, so his entire family only refers to him as number five or five. His powers were probably the coolest as they allowed him to teleport through time and space. I also thought Netflix did a spectacular job on the visuals whenever he used his powers.
  6. Number 6 (Ben): Nicknamed “The Horror”, Ben has the ability to summon other world creatures through his stomach it seems. There was not too much information on Ben throughout the season (outside of that he died and a few glimpses of his powers), but I hope that changes in season two. We may very well be left in the dark though since even the comics don’t ever really explain how he died.
  7. Number 7 (Vanya): Until the later episodes of the season, Vanya is simply the ordinary family member. But then we find out she can emit some sort of telekinetic force that can be harnessed and amplified by instruments. I’m assuming there are probably other things that can amplify her powers as well, but for that we may have to wait until season two.

Season Two

Netflix has confirmed a season two of The Umbrella Academy but hasn’t really given out any specifics on it yet. Gerard Way has stated that the goal for the show is to remain behind the comic, thus they will be finishing up the third installment of that soon before picking up on season two of The Umbrella Academy. With that being said, the rumors are that we can expect our second season to be arriving early to mid 2020. It is also anticipated that all seven of the main characters are returning along with their father, Reginald Hargreeves, even though it is questionable as to what regards we will see them all. My take on how the story ended in season one was that the six living siblings were being transported back in time by Five. As they all looked to have turned back into their younger selves, I would think season two will be the whole squad attempting to assist their father in teaching Vanya how to control her powers. Along with that we will probably be getting some sort of time traveling again as well, and maybe even the saving of Vanya only lasts for an episode or two before the siblings hop back to the future and realize the apocalypse is still imminent, yet from another unknown source (Kate Walsh and The Commission may play a part here too). No matter what happens though I know Netflix and Gerard will release another fantastic piece of art in The Umbrella Academy season two, and I can’t wait to binge all ten epi’s next year.

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