Unsolved Murders: Best Murder Mystery Podcasts to Listen to Now



Some may disagree, but murder mystery podcast is what got podcasting off the ground and running. For some reason, people have a fascination with reliving murders and the mysteries behind them. This could be famous murders we all know about like the Zodiac killer, to smaller, home town killers that shook people to their core.

If you love a good murder mystery podcast and want to listen to a few more, here are our favorites that will get your heart pumping and make you want to binge the whole podcast in one sitting. 


Serial is what really launched murder mystery podcast. It was released in 2014 as a spin-off from This American Life. The first season follows the killing of high school student Hae Min and the maybe wrong convection of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. The first season did impressively well and continued for two more. The second season follows the story of Bowe Bergdahl, who was an American soldier that was captured and held hostage by the Taliban for five years after leaving his post in Afghanistan. The third season centres around a variety of court cases that passed through one single courthouse. The podcast is fantastic and should be a cult classic. 

My Favorite Murderer

If you like a little humor with your death, take a listen to My Favorite Murderer. The podcast is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark who each take turns talking about their favorite real world murders. Although the stories are sad and horrible, the women have a way of really telling a story between the humor they find and their personalities. They also have a spin-off podcast called SSDGM: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered

To Live and Die in LA

Rolling Stones journalist Neil Strauss takes you on an investigation of the disappearance of aspiring actress Adea Shibani in February 2018. The podcast is a rollercoaster ride that makes it too hard to believe, and a lot of details can’t be posted, or the podcast will be ruined for you. Trust us on this one and take a listen. 

The Murder Squad 

Taken from the perspective of cold case investigator Billy Jensen, you get to become an inner detective and look at cases in a totally different way. You’re told unsolved cases and look at evidence that allows the users to feel involved in solving the crimes. 

Man in the Window

If you’re obsessed with the Golden State Killer case, then listen to this podcast. It follows the attacks of the Golden State Killer from the 1970 and 80s but also shows the case development against DeAngelo. You get a peek into his lids, the victims, and the impact of his crimes. The podcast is hosted by Pulitzer Prize winner Paige St. John who is an investigative reporter. 

Sword and Scale

This podcast is going to give it all to you. It covers everything from mass murderers to sex crimes and more. Their motto is to depict crime stories “as nakedly as possible, in their stark reality rather than the glossed-over photoshopped versions the mainstream media portrays.” The podcast can be rough to listen to, so you’ve been warned. 

Atlanta Monster 

The podcast follows children who went missing in Atlanta in 1979. Forty years later, you find out that at least 25 African American children and young adults were murdered. It is a binge-worthy podcast that gives you all your murder mystery needs. The second season even revolves around the Zodiac Killer. 

In the Dark

In the Dark has two seasons that follow two different murders. The first is about a young boy named Jacob Wetterling that went missing, and his remains were found thirty years after his disappearance. The second season focuses of Curtis Flowers who was tried six times for the murder of four employees at a furniture store. The stories are both engaging and leaving you with wanting more. 


All of these podcasts are easy to binge-worthy and will leave you wanting a second season. You get great information about cases you may have never heard about or shocking details on some famous murders that are plastered all over the news. No matter what you’re going to be busy listening to a lot of podcasts.

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