Westworld Season 3: New Cast Members, Possible Storylines & Trailer

As I patiently wait for the premiere date of HBO’s wild science-fiction thriller Westworld to be announced, I can’t help but find myself constantly pondering how the third season will turn my brain into mush. How will the hosts react to the human world? Whose consciousness did Dolores store down to those mini brain processor balls? What will become of William and will we ever truly find out what he is? But no matter where Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan decide to take us, I can be sure of one thing: Our brains will experience a flurry of emotions and absolutely be flipped upside down multiple times throughout season three.

Returning Cast Members & New Additions

As for our Main characters, all is technically still up for grabs. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) will for sure be returning, and with equal pay it looks like as well (Link #1). William, or the Man in Black, is also returning for season three but is unsure how much of a role he will play. We can also expect Bernard, Charlotte Hale, Ashley Stubbs, and Hector to be returning as their usual characters for season three. But unfortunately, no one knows if poor ol’ Teddy will be returning as he was one of Dolores’ many victims towards the end of season two. It is Westworld however, so you never know what may happen!

As of right now, the only three new characters I can find details on are Aaron Paul’s character, his robot companion, and Lena Waithe. Paul will be portraying Caleb, who was just recently announced will be a construction worker who owns a robot named George. As to what all they will do throughout the season, that’s still up for interpretation… just like the character that Lena Waithe will be playing. Her role is 100% in the shadows as of right now, and I would expect it to stay that way for quite some time.

Possible Storylines and Plots

Obviously not much is known in this regard and I don’t expect much to be known until we sit down to watch the season. WIth that being said though, there are some very interesting fan theories about what the plot could end up being. One of my favorites though is that somehow William is going to be resurrected to “take care” of Dolores. I think this could be a very interesting storyline and could potentially lead to many other storylines that would be great television. Some other popular theories getting thrown around are that season three will adopt the plot of the 1976 Westworld Sequel Futureworld, that one of the five brain pearls will be Logan’s, and that anyone who passed into the valley beyond will be gone for good. I think these are all very solid theories, especially the first as it would make sense that we see a little more of the future and the outside world finally.

As much as I wish there was more for me to write about, there really isn’t. The showrunners and HBO do an excellent job of keeping this show well under wraps, maybe even in a better manner than they did with Game of Thrones. But it’s also one of my favorite things about this show because it gives us so much time to lose ourselves in the theories. I also don’t mind the wait either, which may sound weird, but I know it’s for the best. I mean Mr. Nolan even said it himself, “you can’t rush perfection.” And that’s what Westworld is in my eyes, absolute perfection.

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