What’s New on Netflix This Week: July 20-26, 2020

A beautiful week to all of you, my friends! This week, Netflix is spicing it up with a good bunch of series and films with different genres––and they’re not just talking about classic ones, but also some Originals under their belts. Considering that life is slowly being put back together, it’s good to have a breather with your favorite platform, am I right? Well, here are all the releases for this week! Enjoy!

July 20th

  1. Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love (Part 2) (Netflix Original) – The second part of the teen-sitcom.

July 21st

  1. How to Sell Drug Online (Fast) (Season 2) (Netflix Original) – A German comedy series sweeping the world with its second season return.
  2. Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019) – A Cantonese action movie revolving around The Kung Fu master and his student opening a Wing Chun school
  3. Jack Whitehall: I’m Only Joking (2020) (Netflix Original) – Stand-up special from the British comic himself, Jack Whitehall.
  4. Street Food: Latin America (Season 1) (Netflix Original) – A docu-series that focuses on traveling to see street foods in the region.

July 22nd

  1. 61* (2001) – HBO sports biography about the journey of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle in breaking Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record.
  2. Fear City: New York vs The Mafia (Limited Series) (Netflix Original) – From the creators of Don’t F*** with Cats comes a true-crime docu-series.
  3. Love on the Spectrum (Season 1) (Netflix Original) – A docu-series tackling the world of dating on the side of the autistic spectrum.
  4. Norsemen (Season 3) (Netflix Original) – The comedy-filled series from Norway based on the return of Vikings.
  5. Signs (Season 1) (Netflix Original) – A Polish series police-drama thriller.
  6. The Letter Reader (2019) – A South-African dramatic short.
  7. The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashio (2019) – The influence of hip hop to modern-day fashion.

July 23rd

  1. The Larva Island Movie (2020) (Netflix Original) – A kids animated movie based on the hit series.

July 24th

  1. ¡A cantar! (Sing on! Spain) (Season 1) (Netflix Original) – A Reality Series that revolves around a Spanish singing contest.
  2. Animal Crackers (2017) (Netflix Original) – An animated animal comedy that boasts of the legendary voices of Danny DeVito, Emily Blunt, and John Krasinski.
  3. Double World (2019) – A Mandarin fantasy movie that focuses on a young man that hopes to be selected in a tournament against his fellow warriors.
  4. Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing (2020) (Netflix Original) – A spin-off of Dreamworks’ kids series.
  5. Nasha Natasha (2016) – A Russian documentary focusing on Natalia Orerio’s story from Rio de la Plata.
  6. Nimbe: The Movie (2019) – Nigerian documentary that addresses the issues of the causes of drug abuse and how to avoid them.
  7. Offering to the Storm / Ofrenda a la tormenta (2020) (Netflix Original) – A Spanish crime-thriller about an inspector confronting her nightmares.
  8. Romance Doll (2020) – Japanese romantic movie about the ups and downs of a pre-destined love.
  9. The Kissing Booth 2 (2020) (Netflix Original) – The sequel to one of the top teen shows in the streaming platform.

July 26th

  1. Banana Split (2018) – Starring Dylan Sprouse, the comedy series revolves around the test of two teenage girls’ friendship as one of them is dating the other’s ex.
  2. Shameless (Season 10) – The classic Showtime comedy’s newest series!


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