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Prince Paul talks soundtrack for Netflix Documentary “Who Killed Malcolm X?”

Out of character, Prince Paul has been the quiet type for the past couple of years. Ever since the revamp of his project in 2003, Politics Of The Business, in 2017, things just weren’t the same.

Before that, he was famous for the album Throwback To The Future under BROOKZKILL with Digable Planets MC Ladybug Mecca, Rodrigo Brandao and De La Soul producer Don Newkirk.

However, the gang’s back in town. Well, for the most part. Paul and Newkirk are back at it again to manage the soundtrack of the new Netflix documentary Who Killed Malcolm X? alongside director Abdul-Rahman Muhammad. Only good things will prosper with these three.

If you were wondering where the producer was all these years, he’s here to answer all your questions. On a Facebook post on the 6th of February 2020, Thursday, revealed the news for everybody and even promised a limited vinyl press to be available during the summer.

“If you wondered Where I was all last summer, I was in the studio scoring this powerful documentary with @donnewkirk,” he wrote. “I am proud to say that it will be premiering on Netflix tomorrow. There will be a VERY VERY limited vinyl press this summer! So make sure you stay tuned and cop one.”

With that, Prince Paul also told HipHopDX some pretty interesting information:

“Around Malcolm X’s birthday [May 19], we will release the soundtrack in a limited vinyl release of 250 copies, which will be signed and numbered. There will also be a 100 cassettes available. That’s all we are making and then it will be out of print. I would advise all collectors to pick this up. It’s really good music.”

“I don’t often get the opportunity to score, so it’s an honor to be involved with such an important documentary based on Malcolm X assassination,” he said. “[Don] Newkirk and I had the opportunity to show our versatility in music production. As you know, I’ve always liked a challenge,” he added on why the Netflix documentary would mean so much for the culture.

“Now I look forward to having more scoring opportunities. It was nice to be approached by Phil [Bertelsen] and Rachel [Dretzin] who co-directed and executive produced the documentary. We were in competition with a few others to win the job,” he added.

“I think we did justice with the score,” Prince proclaimed. And we will believe.

Who Killed Malcolm X! premiered on the 7th of February, 2020. It’s available now so don’t miss it!

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