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Why ‘Ragnarok’ on Netflix is Must Watch



As mythical creatures and tales of legends are heard and seen all over the world through various platforms, none has been bigger than its revival on the screen. Marvel and DC have both shown their ways in portraying these legends and people have given credit where credit has been due. 

With multiple gods, goddesses, and monsters depicted in the modern age of entertainment, Netflix’s Ragnarok is a pleasant surprise as the Norse legends come back to life yet again.

What is ‘Ragnarok’ about?

The drama series, set in Norway, tells the story of a town living on the edge as climate change takes over the town with the constant pollution from their factories. When two teenagers in the form of Magne and his brother, Laurits, come to live in the town, Magne soon discovers that he is the embodiment of Thor––insisting that he’s called upon to fight all the evil that makes an effort to threaten those who live in town. 

Why you should watch it

Ragnarok is a god-filled story in a typical teen drama setting. It isn’t a perfect visualization of who people might think Thor is thanks to hunk-bodied and beautiful-haired Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Netflix’s Extraction––but Magne is a shy, awkward teenager who struggles with dyslexia. Not only that, Magne also experiences his struggle with heartbreak as the girl he likes in Gry (played by Emma Bones) chooses Magne’s rival in Fjor (played by Herman Tømmeraas). 

Though audiences see that Laurits, Magne’s brother, clowns around and plays pranks on his brother––he’s never really come to any powers of his own. However, here’s to hoping that these pranks play a part in his becoming of the trickster god, Loki.

Ragnarok humbles the portrayal of the decade-long macho superheroes in the business. The teen angst plays magnificently in the series as it tackles climate change as a whole. Considering that their social dilemma is completely relatable to this world, Ragnarok hopes to prove that they can tell the importance of the generation and the next to take action.

The humble approach of Ragnarok towards the Norse legends makes the Netflix series one of the most lovable ones––not to mention how binge-able it is with its six episodes. If you’ve already watched it and are looking for the next season, don’t worry––Netflix has already approved of its second season renewal. 


Entertainment has blinded the audience with the perfect representations of legends. It’s Chris Hemsworth, it’s literally perfection. However, Netflix’s Ragnarok proves that even someone with dyslexia and is totally unbeknownst to love and relationships can still be the embodiment of what people call gods. 

As young as these teenagers are, Ragnarok messages this generation of the youth and the next to take a stand against climate change––may it be against the biggest personalities or not. 

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