‘Wizards: Tales of Arcadia’ is finally coming to Netflix

Slowly and steadily, Netflix has been a platform for all genres. With more international releases, animated series and films, and a combination of the two––the platform has expanded very impressively.

Another animated series is coming to the widened arsenal of the streaming giant is Guillermo del Toro’s fruitful Wizards: Tales of Arcadia trilogy. In fact, the final season of the trilogy was supposed to release during the latter part of 2019––but of course, the first season comes, obviously, first. It isn’t too hard to keep track of the happenings for the series, as Guillermo del Toro interacts with the fans very consistently on his social media platforms.

And because of that, we got a glimpse of when’s the first season coming––and it’s going to be this summer.

This series is one of Dreamworks’ outputs for their contract with the streaming giant. To add to that, Guillermo del Toro isn’t, at all, new to the platform as well––having worked on three seasons of Trollhunters and 3below.

Like we’ve told you, del Toro isn’t messing around with his tweets––keeping everyone up-to-date with his somewhat roadmap and vision of the series.

As you can see, the series achieved its 70% feat just last month!

If you’re wondering, Wizards is dubbed to become the ending season of the trilogy and will be focusing to “tie up Arcadia origins and mythology”.

Here’s the synopsis from the streaming giant:

The trolls, aliens, and wizards living in Arcadia face off in an apocalyptic battle for control of their magical world. Created by Guillermo del Toro.

Because the legendary GDT loves us so much, we’ve been spoiled (not too much series-wise, though) as we’ve been teased that characters from his first two titles with the streaming giant will be included in the upcoming trilogy.

Knowing his work, this will be one to look forward to for sure. It’s about to be a fun yet still action-packed ride.

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