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You Season 3: Papa Joe, Mysterious Neighbour, and a Brand new Season

Arise, my fellow You fans. As we enter a brand new year, we also welcome a brand new season. You heard me right, brothers and sisters, Joe Goldberg and his incredibly creepy stalking skills are back. On Tuesday, the 14th of January 2020, Netflix has officially announced the You‘s renewal for its third season! “New Year, New You,” the teaser for its newest season revealed on the series’ official Twitter account. Unfortunately, we’re yet to discover when it’s really premiering.

“See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming.” Oooooo. The suspense is absolutely killing me (no pun intended, Joe).

Season 2 really left it hanging, which prompted fans to assume that there’d be another season following the suspenseful cliffhanger we all saw during the Season 2 finale. As we saw, Love Quinn was very pregnant with Joe’s child, but Joe already has his eyes on his next target: his next-door neighbour. Theories upon theories upon theories were made just so everyone could have a peace of mind but in the end, we all thought it was either Joe’s mom or Beck. Either way, we’re excited no matter what it’d be.

Now, if you’re thinking that we’re getting a new set of actors and actresses, we’re not. If anything, Penn Badgley will be safe from this discussion but considering Joe’s unsatisfied obsessions, we wouldn’t know who’d be cut next (Sorry for the pun, Joe). All things considered, Victoria Pedretti will still be continuing the series, starring in the 10-episode run.

Even co-creators Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti are in on the fun and excitement! I mean, showrunner Gamble even thanked the fans and creepily referred to us as neighbours. Yup. Not creeped out at all.

You has been loyal to Caroline Kepnes’ novels, and rightly so. Its past two seasons were successful enough that it could even look like Kepnes wrote a book about the series––but with all due respect, that’s a hell of a story. Thank you, and good luck with finishing your third book in the series.

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