20 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Zombies are some of the most terrifying creatures in our modern mythology. They are relentless killers that can not be reasoned with or turned from their course, and are difficult to kill considering that they are already dead. Plus, killing them may mean killing the people you cared about. Further, while being eaten alive is a terrifying way to go, the idea of coming back as a zombie is just a nightmare.

This is why we love the zombie flick. Whether it is a gory action flick, a tongue in cheek comedy, or a serious drama with statements to make about modern society. Whatever your preferred flavour, got your fix with one of these 20 zombie films currently available on Netflix.

Cargo (2018)

IMDB Score 6.3/10

A father, played by Martin Freeman, travels across outback Australia looking for someone willing to care for his infant daughter in the wake of a zombie pandemic. From the makers of The Babadook, Martin gives a command performance in a refreshingly character driven zombie flick. The vast Australian outback provides epic proportions to the story.

Cells (2016)

IMDB Score 4.3/10

More about the technologically undead than traditional zombies, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson star in this film where a mysterious signal remaps the minds of cell phone users and turns them into rabid killers. Reading the summary, you might be wondering how they got these quality actors to sign up. There is only one way to find out.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

IMDB Score 7.3/10

A resurrection of the George A. Romero cult classic, a catastrophic plague leaves America overrun by millions of cannibalistic zombies. A small group of survivors seek refuge in a shopping centre. Surprisingly good performances from Sarah Polley and Matt Frewer help this zombie flick stand out.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

IMDB Score 3.4/10

A remake of a 1985 classic that none of us knew that we wanted. It stars Sophie Skelton as a former medical student fighting for survival against an evil human-zombie hybrid, played by Jonathan Schaech. This brings together all the worst things about zombie movies to make something so bad, that it is kind of good.

Dead Rising: Endgame (2016)

IMDB Score 4.8/10

Jesse Metcalfe stars as a reporter to discovers a ghastly government conspiracy (started in the 2015 film Dead Rising: Watchtower) and decides to brave the city’s zombie-infested quarantined zone in order to get to the truth. This film is all about the action death scenes, don’t expect too much from the plot.

The Demented (2013)

IMDB Score 3.8/10

Six college friends planning a carefree weekend unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a zombie zone that is the result of a deadly terrorist attack. If they manage to escape the small town of surrounding zombies, what will they find? A surprisingly good vehicle for some young actors, including Sarah Butler and Kayla Ewell, to show their chops.

Exterminadores do Alem (2018)

IMDB Score 5.8/10

Also known as Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary, in this Brazilian zombie comedy flick, a group of ghost hunters, hoping to create a viral video, investigate paranormal activity haunting school bathrooms. Not to be taken too seriously, but a different take on the genre for those accustomed to the American films.

Ladronas de Almas (2015)

IMDB Score 5.2/10

This Mexican film refers to their zombies as thieves of souls. Set during the Mexican War of Independence, a group of men face unimaginable horrors when they attempt to steal from the seemingly helpless Cordero sister. Little do they realise that it is the sisters that have the upper hand.

Maggie (2015)

IMDB Score 5.6/10

Abigail Breslin plays a teenager bitten during a zombie infestation, but her parents, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joely Richardson refuse to accept that she is lost and protect her as they slowly watch her transformation. Strong performances and an unexpectedly thoughtful tone make this one of the best films on this list.

Mon, Mon, Mon, Monsters (2017)

IMBD Score 5.5/10

In this Taiwanese comedy horror, a boy searching for acceptance at his school joins a group of bullies in torturing a flesh-eating ghoul. However, the tables turn in their game when they learn that the creature has a troubled past, and a sister.

IMDB Score 3.3/10

A different take on a special ops film, when zombies descend on Louisiana, a team of Navy Seals come to the rescue and pit their skills against the hungry undead. Starring Ed Quinn and Rick Fox, there is little to set this film apart from a formula mash-up, but may be appreciated by fans on the zombie genre.

The Night of the Living Dead (1990)

IMDB Score 6.9/10

A classic in its own right, it is actually a revamp of a black and white original. Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman and Tom Towles tar in this lurid tale of a small town surrounded by an army of zombies. The film was criticised as being too much like the original, though with much better zombies that defined the monster for the next 20 years.

Open Grave (2013)

IMDB Score 6.3/10

A man awakens with no memory, in a pot full of corpses. He finds his way out, and into a cabin full of strangers that share his amnesia. They must discover who they are and what has happened to them, while fighting zombies of course. Starring Sharlto Copley, Joseph Morgan and Thomas Krestschmann.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

IMDB Score 5.8/10

While it might not be the most obvious mash-up, this mix of period drama and zombie horror just works. Lily James starts as Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett, now married to Mr Darcy (Sam Riley). Their happily ever after is threatened when plague born zombies start stalking the 19th-century English countryside.

Resident Evil (2002)

IMDB Score 6.7/10

Start a marathon with the first in the Mila Jovovich films based on the video game that became a phenomenon. The evil Umbrella Corporation has a secret lab where all the staff are turned not zombies. Amnesiac Jovovich must join a task force led by Michelle Rodriguez to go into the lab, see what has happened, and sort the problem out.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

IMDB Score 6.3/10

Skipping five years into the future, the virus created in the Umbrella Corporation has made itself into the world (over the course of a film not available on Netflix), and with her memories back super solder Jovovich roams the streets of Las Vegas with a group of survivors.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

IMDB Score 5.9/10

With her true purpose and destiny revealed to her, Jovovich finds her way to a supposed sanctuary in Los Angeles, only to discover that it is a deadly trap, set just for her. The first in the series shot in 3D, it is all about intense action scenes.

The Rezort (2016)

IMDB Score 5.3/10

Think Jurassic Park but with zombies. Following a global zombie war, all the remaining zombies have been confined to a luxury island resort, where tourists can safari and hunt zombies. When security systems fail, the hunters become the hunted.

Train to Busan (2016)

IMDB Score 7.5/10

The highest grossing Korean film of 2016, this was a blockbuster on local screens. It stars Gong Yoo as a father on a train journey with his young daughter when a zombie outbreak sweeps the country. They try to reach the only city that is still safe.

Zombieland (2009)

IMDB Score 7.6/10

An excellent zombie road trip comedy horror, this is one of the best zombie movies to hit screens in recent years. College dork, Jesse Eisenberg, teams up with an urban roughneck, Woody Harrelson, and two gritty sisters, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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